We offer classes covering many ranges of fitness and exercise as well as relaxation and yoga. Our classes cater to individuals of all ages and experience levels.

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Let’s get shredded! This is a 50-minute high intensity, full-body interval-based class. Shred is a class with plenty of variety to keep you engaged and focused during your workout.


Want to get fit? This class is for you! Expect targeted strength exercises with HIIT cardio in this 50-minute killer workout. Attend Fit Sessions three days a week for maximum results. Mon/Wed/Fri 6am classes will focus on upper-body and Tues/Thurs 6am classes will focus on lower body.


This 50-minute TRX class uses total body resistance exercises to help build strength, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. Sculpt is perfect for all levels.


If you have booty goals, this class is for you! We skip the cardio and go right for an intense pump. This 50-minute lower body workout will have your butt burning and building muscle in no time.


Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle or tone what you’ve got; REPS can help you achieve your goals, and quickly, too! A combination of great music, light weights, and fast paced reps will give you a total body workout!


A 50 minute class that combines our most popular TRX workout with strength training for a total body burn. All levels welcome.


This 50-minute vinyasa flow class will get your energy moving through a series of lengthening movements and breath control. Modifications are available for any level of yoga proficiency.


Join us in this 50 minute, weight based high intensity conditioning workout that will develop well rounded and full body physical fitness. Increase strength, build muscle, burn fat, improve cardio fitness and IGNITE your metabolism!


Get ready to SWEAT! Sweat is a step class with resistance and toning to give a dynamic and high energy workout. This class is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, enhance muscle toning, and promote overall strength and endurance. It’s a fun and effective way to achieve a full body workout, all while stepping to the beat of motivating music. All levels welcome!

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