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“The fact that I hesitated for a minute to post this is so lame. Why would I hesitate? Maybe because I am not where I want to be yet, but damn I am so proud of myself. I had my final weigh-in for the 8-week transformation program with Kris at Sessions-this before and after picture speaks for itself. The numbers” 16lbs lost, 2.75” lost around my waist and 2” around my hips. This wasn’t an easy feat- this involved working out 5 days a week, logging in every bite of food and trying to get my macros in everyday (150g of protein is A LOT of protein). But…all in all it’s all WORTH IT!
I am starting my next 8-week program today. Here’s to seeing where I am at in 8 weeks!”

-Jen D.

“Coach Kris has been hands-down the most committed personal trainer there is. I’ve been her client for a little over two years! She is very dedicated, knowledgeable, patient and flexible. I’m a mom of three working full-time in and out of the house and I’ve never felt stronger healthier and more confident! Coach Kris is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session and every checkup she makes! Through the awesome days and the “not so good days” she’s been cheering me on! She makes each workout challenging creative and most importantly FUN! She also places is a high value on correct form with each exercise! She consistently motivates me to push through to get the results I want!!! I can’t recommend her enough!``

-Idalisse L.

“When Jamie mentioned the program to me, I thought “I don’t need that, I already work out at home.” I was never a big fan of the typical gym, maneuvering through the equipment and such on my own. However, pondering it more and thinking about how I felt and how my clothes fit, I decided to go for the 8-week transformation program. Without regret! The support, the coaching, teamwork, variety of workouts and nutrition support are all great and led to my success. I didn’t specifically pick a goal but went with the flow knowing if I worked hard I would see results. The ladies and gents at Sessions are very supportive of each other and the coaches are always there to guide you whether in person or online. Most challenging part was the food log and meeting my macros daily and I am still working on it. However, logging the food helps to keep me accountable. I am proud to have committed to myself and sticking with it and seeing the results.”

-Victoria L.

“Sessions Wellness Studio is more than just a fitness center to me. It is where I go to be uplifted with positive energy from the supportive coaches and new friends. Sessions Studio motivates me to be better and live a healthy lifestyle”

-Michelle C.


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